The Afghan Futures Project

Survey research has a role to play in providing the Afghan public a place to voice their opinion regarding the future of their country.

ACSOR developed and sponsors the Afghan Futures Project – a longitudinal study since 2010. This series consists of nationally representative surveys of Afghan adults in Dari and Pashto, now totaling over 10,000 face-to-face interviews.

The Afghan Futures Project covers the following topics:

  • Quality of Life and Outlook on the Future
  • Governance, Trust, and Corruption
  • Judiciary, Rule of Law, and Court Systems
  • Taliban Reconciliation
  • Security, Stability, and Development
  • Current Events, Access to Media, and Political Participation
  • General Perceptions of Women’s Status and Rights
  • Household Dynamics and Healthcare

Data and results from the Afghan Futures Project have been presented at numerous international conferences and at public and private venues. ACSOR will continue collecting data and sponsoring this study.