Quality Control

ACSOR is a quality-driven organization. Our primary goal is to provide reliable, scientifically accurate data that represents the target population.

ACSOR has over a decade-long track record of producing quality research in the Afghan context. Our proven, comprehensive quality control testing is predicated on statistical best practices, going beyond standard field monitoring and on-site back-checking to assure data integrity, reliability and accuracy.

Our quality control process includes a combination of the following:

  • Questionnaire design and review
  • Pilot testing
  • Regular and comprehensive interviewer training
  • In-person supervision of interviews
  • Random in-person back-checks where a supervisor revisits a respondent after interviews are completed
  • Random call backs to verify interviews if phone numbers are provided
  • Double data entry process
  • When feasible, GPS devices are utilized to collect location coordinates during fieldwork

ACSOR uses a proprietary program, “Hunter”, to run a series of statistical tests on the data that examine interviewer performance and identify potentially biased or questionable data. Interviews that do not pass these tests are flagged for additional review. ACSOR tracks interviewer and supervisor performance over time to ensure the overall quality of the field team and to identify areas for enhanced training. In addition to internal quality control procedures, our facilities, technical equipment, manuals, procedures, and fieldwork have been reviewed by a number of outside methodologists and assessment groups. ACSOR is continuously looking for ways to improve our processes and uphold industry standards.