ACSOR values training and invests regularly in ways to improve its staff. The continuous recruitment and training of Afghan professionals is integral to the activities of ACSOR.

ACSOR trains all levels of employees, from interviewers and data entry staff to project managers and field supervisors. All interviewing staff receives training by the field supervisors, who have been trained by international research professionals. Interviewers receive a detailed interviewer manual and instructional videos as part of the training process.

ACSOR trainings are tailored to the unique specifications of each project. Interviewers review the questionnaire and sampling methodology, participate in group work, conduct mock interviews, and watch instructional videos that visually demonstrate procedures. Trainings are frequently updated and improved to accommodate new and unique projects, and lessons learned during field.

ACSOR is committed to the safety of our field teams. The following field precautions are utilized:

  • Interviewers work in provinces and districts where they have strong familiarity with the terrain, culture, and local dialects. They are trained to observe local conditions and judge any factors that could affect their safety.
  • When fieldwork occurs in areas with ethnic strife or insurgency, interviewers are trained to know when to present official identification. Knowing when it is or is not appropriate to do so can help protect them from harm.
  • Interviewers often work in locations that are resistant to outsiders. They are instructed to carry mobile phones with SIM cards that only have local numbers stored.
  • Interviewers may encounter officials who are curious about the work we do. Field supervisors maintain contact with officials and tribal leaders who are influential within provinces and work with them if problematic situations arise.
  • Our overall field structure is designed to provide support and assistance to interviewers should it become necessary.