Corporate Capabilities

ACSOR has been operating since 2003 as a leading provider of high-quality quantitative and qualitative research in Afghanistan. Over the last decade we have conducted over one million face-to-face quantitative interviews and thousands of qualitative depth interviews and focus groups. The quality of our work, our people, and our products is fundamental to our reputation as a valued research partner.


ACSOR began operations in 2003 with simple urban surveys of Kabul. Operations rapidly spread, and we now regularly conduct face-to-face nationally representative surveys that cover urban and rural areas in all 34 provinces.

ACSOR was founded by two established international research firms with unique records of success in developing polling and market information services in challenging environments. D3 Systems and BBSS have long and established track records building and managing nationwide survey organizations in difficult environments such as Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Haiti, and South Sudan.

The company has grown to an Afghan staff of over 1,000 employees, including field supervisors, project managers, IT specialists, interviewers, translators, and data entry specialists.

The ACSOR Advantage

What differentiates ACSOR from other firms in Afghanistan is not only the quality of our work, but the quality of our people. Our interviewers work regularly due to the volume of fieldwork, ensuring their skills remain fresh and build from one research project to the next. A rigorous training program is foundational to the ACSOR advantage.

ACSOR is a quality-driven organization. Our primary goal is to provide reliable, scientifically accurate data that represents the population clients are trying to understand. ACSOR values transparency — our clients regularly attend training sessions and observe fieldwork and data processing.

Quality control procedures are implemented at every stage of the data collection process. This commitment to quality control is paired with our commitment to international standards for research ethics.