Our People

Our people have extensive experience in social science research helping ACSOR to effectively manage and collect data, and deliver reliable and insightful results that drive strategic decision-making.

ACSOR utilizes the expertise of:

  • Over 40 full-time employees in Kabul, including English-speaking project managers, field managers, and IT specialists
  • More than 65 field supervisors
  • A pool of over 1,000 male and female multi-ethnic interviewers
  • A large cadre of data entry specialists, transcribers, and translators

The nature of Afghan culture requires gender and ethnic matching of interviewer teams to respondents. To meet this need, ACSOR maintains a 50% female workforce and a mix of ethnicities across the country.

The continuous recruitment and training of an indigenous team of Afghan professionals is integral to the activities of ACSOR. This capacity gives us an extensive reach in the field and provides our clients with cultural insights. Given the regular volume of fieldwork, ACSOR employees experience no long breaks between surveys, ensuring that our skills remain fresh and build from one research project to the next. We do not subcontract any aspect of fieldwork, quality control, or data processing.

Our people have educational backgrounds in fields including market and opinion research, media, psychology, education, healthcare, telecommunications, information technology, finance and ArcGIS mapping. The ACSOR staff receives regular training, such as attending international workshops, in-house educational programs on data collection and processing, and web-based research courses.