UNDP Afghanistan Police Performance Survey by ACSOR

KABUL, Afghanistan, January 7, 2010- The United Nations Development Programme-Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (UNDP-LOFTA) recently released the results of the first public survey of Afghan police performance. The survey was conducted by ACSOR Surveys, based in Kabul.

Titled “Police Perception Survey 2009 – The Afghan Perspective,” the objective was to gather first-hand information on a variety of police related issues. The survey results can serve as a useful resource base for policy makers, opinion shapers within and outside the government, as well as the broader Afghan public. The 2009 survey forms the baseline for future annual surveys on police performance indicators and outputs.

ACSOR reported almost half of Afghans (49%) think the police in their area are controlling crime and 42% strongly agree that the police performance has improved over the past year. Sixty-seven percent of respondents believe that if they are better trained, police performance is very likely to improve, 65% believe that it is very likely that having better knowledge of the law will lead to improvement, and 58% believe that its is very likely that an increase in pay would improve performance.

Regarding security in general, most Afghans (80%) reported that the security situation in their area is good. 96% among those living in Kabul and surrounding provinces reported this as well. However, respondents in the East and South, as well as rural respondents in general, were less likely to rate security as good.

The survey was conducted by the Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research. 5,156 randomly selected Afghans (2,827 males and 2,329 females), age 18 or older were interviewed by native Afghans across all 34 provinces of the country between July 9th and July 21st, 2009. No weighting was applied. The margin of sampling error is ± 2.5%. The response rate was 85%.

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